Published 2018 ☆ 
2018 OCTOBER: [The Mortal Instruments vol2]. Manga [Buy]
2018 MARCH: [On the Brink of a Story]. Artbook. [Buy]

 Published 2017 ☆ 
2017 NOVEMBER: [The Mortal Instruments 10th anniversary edition]. Illustrations [Buy]
2017 OCTOBER: [The Mortal Instruments vol1]. Manga [Buy]
2017 MAY: [Lord of Shadows]. 1st Edition Poster Insert [Buy]
2017 APRIL: [The Mortal Instruments-Coloring Book]. Artbook [Buy]

 Published 2016 ☆ 
2016 DECEMBER: [Reindeer Boy]. Manga [Buy]
2016 NOVEMBER: [The Shadowhunter Academy]. Print Edition Comic Inserts [Buy]
2016 JULY: [Hollow City]. Manga [Buy]
2016 MARCH: [The Dark Artifices]. 1st Edition Poster Insert [Buy]
2016 FEBRUARY: [Shadowhunter Language of Flowers]. Artbook [Buy]

 Published 2014 ☆ 
2014 DECEMBER: [Shadowhunter Tarot]. Card Deck [Buy]
2014 NOVEMBER: [The Bane Chronicles]. Print Edition Comic Inserts [Buy]
2014 MAY: [City of Heavenly Fire]. Special Edition Comic Inserts [Buy]

 Published 2013 ☆ 
2013 OCTOBER: [Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children]. Manga. [Buy]
2013 OCTOBER: [Shadowhunter's Codex]. Guide Book. [Buy]
2013 FEBRUARY: [Beautiful Creatures]. Manga. [Buy]

 Published 2012 ☆ 
2012 DECEMBER: [Something Wikkid]. Manga. [Buy]
2012 SEPTEMBER: [Fear Tango Vol.3]. Manga. [Buy]

Published 2011 ☆ 
2011 NOVEMBER: [Black-Eyed Susan Vol.1]. Manga. Sold Out
2011 NOVEMBER: [Land of Lions Vol.3]. Manga. Sold Out 
2011 OCTOBER: [Land of Lions Vol.2]. Manga. Sold Out  
2011 SEPTEMBER: [Shibas,Headphones+Tattoos]. Artbook. Sold Out
2011 MARCH: [Land of Lions Vol.1]. Manga. Sold Out 
2011 FEBRUARY: [Fear Tango Vol.2]. Manga. [Buy]

Published 2010
2010 OCTOBER: [Dango Sunshine Vol.1]. Manga. Sold Out
2010 JULY: [Bleached Cats]. Artbook. Sold Out
2010 JANUARY: [Colors]. Contributed "black". Artbook. Sold Out 

Published 2009
2009 DECEMBER: [Fear Tango Vol.1]. Manga. [Buy]
2009 MAY: [Nichi Bei Times]. Newspaper. Sold Out 
2009 MARCH: [Pattern & Motion]. Artbook. Sold Out